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Naruto: Shippuden season 1 – episode 2 – The Akatsuki Makes Its Move

Naruto learns that all of his friends have advanced to Chunin rank, Neji Hyuga a Jonin, and Gaara as the Fifth Kazekage. Naruto is also reunited with his teacher Kakashi Hatake and gives him a copy of Jiraiya new book Make-Out Tactics before learning that he and Sakura are to be teamed up with their mentor again. However, Kakashi explains that will be testing them like before to see how far that have advanced. Prior to the test, Kakashi meets with Jiraiya in private to discuss the Akatsuki now beginning to become active in their search of the Tailed Beasts. At Sunagakure, Gaara has a meeting with the village council over rumors of Akatsuki members coming to their village. One of council members Yura begins acting peculiar following the meeting, revealed to be a sleeper agent of the Akatsuki’s Sasori as he and his partner Deidara arrive at the entrance without trouble to capture the One-Tailed jinchuriki

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