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Beyblade Season 1 : Episode 18 – A Star is Born!

Fresh from the Bladebreakers win in Asia, Takao comes home and realizes he’s front page news. With his ego out of control, Takao takes on the attitude of a rock star, which upsets Kyojyu who tries to keep him focused on blading and not his popularity. Meanwhile, at a local playground, the local kids are all out Beyblading when Takao spots a kid called Nicky, being smoked in the Beystadium by a bully named Riley. After Nicky’s blade is completely destroyed, Takao vows to help the kid fix it and fight his way back. After enlisting the help of Max, Kyojyu and Dizzi, Takao manages to rebuild Nicky’s blade and they return to the playground where they find Riley and immediately demand a rematch. With the knowledge of the Bladebreakers backing Nicky, he quickly takes care of Riley. Meanwhile, in a conspiratorial meeting at Kai’s grandfather’s mansion, he spells out Kai’s next assignment: “to fight all the beyblades that possess the bit beasts within them”. Kai walks out of the room speechless and says to himself he will that he’ll get “what he wants” and he will be crowned “the undisputed beyblade champion of the World”. 

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