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Beyblade Season 1 : Episode 5 – Draciel of Approval

In the semifinals, Max goes up against Kai, the champion. Takao looks forward to fighting Rei, an undefeated Blader. The dish is based like a tower, to stay in the top for 10 seconds is how you win. The first round goes quickly, with Max being defeated by Kai’s Spin Fire attack. But in the second round, with Max’s reverse launch, Kai’s Spin Fire attack is absorbed by Max’s Bey, and he wins. Max’s Bey then explodes due to the energy overload. Max then finds a Bit Beast chip inside his Grandma’s pendant and embeds it within his reconstructed Beyblade. Max and Kai fight fiercely, but Max loses. Takao cheers Max up with the fact that he now has a Bit Beast, and he can’t wait for his battle with Rei. 

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