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Beyblade Season 1 : Episode 6 – Dragoon Storm

The final battle of the semifinals is Takao versus Rei, an undefeated Blader. Kyojyu is working on something, and is not there for the first round. Takao and Rei clash, but Rei easily beats Takao with his stronger Bit Beast, Driger and his Tiger Claw attack, destroying Takao’s Bey. Kyojyu shows up before he forfeits, and Takao’s Bey is fixed with a new Defense Ring Kyojyu was working on. The second round is ferocious, but Takao’s Defense Ring pulls through, despite not being built for attacking. Rei forfeits the third match, saying he has nothing left to prove, and joins the team. The finals are decided, Takao versus Kai. 

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