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Dexter’s Laboratory season 1 : Episode 3 – Dexter’s Rival – Simion – Old Man Dexter

Dexter’s Rival – A new student named Mandark Astronomonov enrolls at Dexter’s school and quickly turns out to be better than Dexter academically. Eventually, he even forces him to shut down his lab so that his lab (which is much bigger than Dexter’s lab) can gain more power. A hurt Dexter then teams up with Dee Dee to take revenge on Mandark.
Note: This episode marks Mandark’s first appearance in the series.

Simion – Monkey encounters an intelligent anthropomorphic chimpanzee named Simion (Maurice LaMarche), who plans to take revenge on humans for turning him into his current state.

Old Man Dexter  – After Dexter is banned from watching The Late Early Movie due to his age, he decides to accelerate his age so that he can see the movie, but Dee Dee tampers with the age acceleration process, causing him to turn into a 95-year-old man.

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