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Dexter’s Laboratory season 2 : Episode 10 – Ewww That’s Growth – Nuclear Confusion – Germ Warfare

Ewww That’s Growth – Unable to ride in a roller coaster due to his height, Dexter creates a device to make himself taller than he actually is, but the device malfunctions and he grows so tall that his face gets rammed by the top edge of the roller coaster’s tunnel.

Nuclear Confusion – Dee Dee hides the core of Dexter’s nuclear lamp and he must decipher her clues to find it within one hour after which it would explode, destroying the Earth with it.

Germ Warfare – When his entire family is suffering from the flu, Dexter tries his best to not acquire the illness, but his efforts are thwarted by a sick Dee Dee’s presence in his lab and he ends up with the flu anyway.

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