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Dexter’s Laboratory season 2 : Episode 17 – Dee Dee Be Deep – 911 – Down in the Dumps

Dee Dee Be Deep – Dexter is tired of Dee Dee’s bad singing, so he tries to “improve” her singing by transforming her voice to a beautiful one, but ends up giving her a baritone voice, which is even more annoying.

911 – When an Action Hank episode is interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System, Dexter sets about fixing any emergencies in the neighborhood, hoping to make the signal go away. However, Dee Dee uses her imagination, which works well by the time the Emergency Broadcast System ends.

Down in the Dumps – In a fit of rage, Dexter dumps Dee Dee’s favorite teddy bear, Mr. Fuzzums, into the garbage. As a result, an upset Dee Dee begins to behave oddly, prompting Dexter to go to the garbage dump and get back Mr. Fuzzums.

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