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Dexter’s Laboratory season 2 : Episode 4 – Hunger Strikes – The Koos Is Loose – Morning Stretch

Hunger Strikes – After being denied dessert by his parents for not eating his vegetables, Dexter uses radiation therapy so that he can like them, but it causes a severe side effect that turns him into an Incredible Hulk-like character if he goes too long without them.

The Koos Is Loose – Dee Dee’s imaginary friend Koosalagoopagoop  suddenly comes to life and starts annoying Dexter.

Morning Stretch – After staying up late at his lab, Dexter oversleeps and wakes up one minute before the school bus arrives. With no time to do his morning chores and homework, he pulls out a secret prototype device, which will convert his last 30 seconds into 30 minutes. unaware that the school has been closed due to a snowdown.

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