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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 1 – Episode 1 & 2 – Ben 10 Returns

After setting aside the Omnitrix some years ago, fifteen-year-old Ben Tennyson is enjoying a normal life. After winning a soccer game and meeting a girl named Julie, he visits Grandpa Max only to discover that he’s disappeared. Inside Max’s RV, the Rust-bucket, Ben finds a Holo-viewer with a recording from Max telling Ben that he has the Omnitrix and he’s safe. However, Ben has had the Omnitrix ever since he took it off years ago.
He asks his favorite, fifteen-year-old cousin Gwen for advice, wondering if Grandpa wants him to wear the Omnitrix again. Soon, they meet Magister Labrid, an agent of the Plumbers. Stating that he’s Max’s partner in a case he was working on, Ben and Gwen decide to team up with him. Ben decides to put the Omnitrix back on. The first place they go is to a train station where an arms trade between the Forever Knights and the DNAliens, brokered by Kevin Levin. They attempt to arrest the Knights and the aliens, and a battle follows. When Ben tries to dial in his alien on his Omnitrix, the device reboots and recalibrates into a thin watch with a color scheme of green and black, making it more stylish and giving him access to 10 new aliens which are more powerful than his aliens he had before. The DNAliens get away, the Forever Knights escape with one of the weapons crates, and Kevin is captured. The Plumber asks Kevin for help in finding the Knights’ hideout. Kevin, having not been paid (so he says), leads the group to a large castle. Inside, they find all sorts of medieval artifacts, but Ben accidentally knocks over a suit of armor which awakens a robotic dragon.
Note: Kevin seems to look at Gwen weirdly, then in a later episode admits he has a crush on Gwen.

Omnitrix Alien Debuts: Swampfire (official debut)

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