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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 1 – Episode 13 – X = Ben + 2

The Incursion Emperor Milleous’s daughter Attea is kidnapped by a bounty hunter named SevenSeven (Brother of SixSix). Unless she is returned, Milleous plans to destroy the Earth. The Emperor’s majordomo, Raff, seeks out Kevin to help on the search. Using Gwen’s powers to track her, they teleport to a nearby dam to rescue her. In the assuring battle, the Dam is broken, flooding everything. Having no other choice, Ben uses the untested Alien X to try to fix the dam. The task proves simple thanks to Alien X’s vastly strong reality-warping capabilities, but Attea is yet again captured by SevenSeven. Even worse, Ben finds himself locked in endless debate with the other two separate personalities, Bellicus and Serena, inside the alien, unable to move or transform back without their consent. When all of them are teleported onto Milleous’ ship, Kevin and Gwen have to protect Ben while trying to save the Earth from the double-crossing Attea who has used Sevenseven to help take over her father’s empire. Seeing that Gwen and Kevin have been captured, and that the Earth is only seconds away from being destroyed, Ben finally grows tired of the fruitless debate and demands to be transformed into another alien which can actually get the job done. He manages to save the Earth as Swampfire, but resolves never to use Alien X again as its godly, omnipotent abilities are not worth the price.

Omnitrix Alien Debuts: Alien X (official debut)

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