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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 1 – Episode 14 – Darkstar Rising

After a Plumber setup to find out if the team has been masquerading as Plumbers, Ben, Gwen and Kevin are forbidden to fight against the Highbreed threat by Plumbers Magister Prior Ghilhil. Ghilhil has doubts the Highbreed are even as much of a threat as they claim. Elsewhere, a mysterious powerful new enemy ’employs’ a Highbreed to attack the team. Having also tipped off Ghilhil, all three side are captured by the team’s old enemy, Michael Morningstar.

Now calling himself Darkstar, he captures all but Gwen, who manages to escape during the fight, to feed his ever hungry energy-draining abilities. With the help of the DNAliens, Gwen frees her friends. All of them finally defeat the Darkstar. As Michael is captured, the Highbreed Lord and the DNAliens manage to escape. In gratitude, Magister Ghilhil makes the team honorary Plumbers so they can defend the Earth legally and help the world.

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