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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 1 – Episode 15 – Alone Together

After an accident with a teleporter pod, Ben and a Highbreed officer named Reinrassic III are stranded on a desert planet called Turrawuste that is so inhospitable, it acts only as a routing station for the teleporter. The pair are forced to work together to fend off the dangerous predators on the planet while making their way to the routing station, much to Reinrassic’s chagrin. As they make their way across the desert, the two save each other from danger several times from the violent native wildlife, even risking their own lives to do so. Ben tries to explain to the Highbreed that in the end, humans and Highbreed can have peace if they try, as they themselves are proof of that. After days of walking, they reach the teleporter pod. Much to Ben’s disappointment, Reinrassic stays behind, having deemed himself contaminated by Ben and thus a risk to the purity of his species.

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