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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 1 – Episode 18 – Undercover

After trying to test a broken teleporter pod, the team decide to enlist the help of Cooper Daniels, the young boy who had helped the Tennysons in the past. Upon reaching his home, they discover a video of his capture by the DNAliens. They track him down to the abandoned military base Los Soledad, where Paradox built his time machine. They discover that the Highbreed have erected a cloaking field, built by Cooper over the area, concealing a huge, mysterious arch-like device. They find Cooper helping to assemble pieces for the DNAliens out of a metal call barsidium. They free Cooper, but are soon captured by the Highbreed in charge of the base. Locking the team up in a storage room, they use Kevin’s powers to absorb some of the barsidium, and use him as a tuning fork to amplify Echo Echo’s powers, having discovered that the DNAliens are weakened by the strong reverb given off by the barsidium. They free Cooper and have him destroy the cloaking generator, during which he has visions of the arch acting as a gateway for a fleet of ships and the Earth being destroyed. The team is successful, and escapes. However, despite destroying the generator, the Highbreed manage to repair it and continue their operations unhindered, using ID masks to fool the local police by pretending to be construction workers, saying that soon, Los Soledad will be where all the action is happening.

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