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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 1 – Episode 19 – Pet Project

Forever Knights’ scientist Dr. Joseph Chadwick sends Sir Morton to kidnap Ship so that the Forever Knights can use him to mass-produce a fleet of interstellar spacecraft with which to attack the homeworld of the alien dragon that escaped them. (After the events at the Pier, ship had been staying with Julie.) At this time, Ship had hitched a ride in the mechanisms of Kevin’s car, trying to stay with Julie, who was with Gwen and Kevin on their way to the local shopping mall. Morton attacks Ship, capturing the small alien and leaving Kevin’s car in dire need of repair. Ben arrives too late, and the team sets out to find the Knights. Assuming that the Knights have something to do with a medieval-themed track of houses, the team, joined by Julie, attempt to sneak into the main house to recuse Ship. However, by this time, Chadwick had affixed a mind control on Ship, making his biometric markings go from green to red, and leaving him totally under Chadwick’s control. Having absorbed the alien spacecraft that Chadwick made, the Knights now have the ultimate weapon. The team soon gets caught, and are to be executed by Ship. Desperately, Julie uses a trick she saw in an old alien movie, and is able to convince Ship to resist. With Ship now on their side, the Forever Knights’ stronghold is destroyed and the team now has access to Ship’s spaceship mode, as long as Ben helps Julie take care of Ship.

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