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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 1 – Episode 4 – Kevin’s Big Score

Kevin meets with an old friend of his named Argit, who claims he knows the location of a particular piece of alien tech Kevin is looking for. Needing something to bargain with, Kevin steals Max’s RV, the Rustbucket. Unfortunately, upon seeing the huge amount of Plumber’s tech and weapons in the old RV, Argit double crosses Kevin, and steals the RV for himself, planning to pay off his old debts. With Ben automatically suspecting the worst in Kevin, the team follows Argit with a tracking device that Kevin hid on the Rustbucket’s under carriage.
They find the RV, but it has been completely stripped for parts. Infuriated, Ben almost picks a fight with Kevin, but then Argit comes back. Using Echo Echo, the team is able to stop Argit. Still determined to get that piece of alien tech, Kevin storms away to seek out Vulkanus, having been told by Argit earlier he is in possession of the alien device. Kevin tries to make a deal with Vulkanus, but the later is still bitter over a double cross that Kevin pulled on him years ago. Vulkanus forces Kevin absorb a rare alien crystal called Taedenite, planning to use him as a living gem mine. He is rescued by Ben and Gwen and afterward, it is revealed that the item Kevin sought is a holo-viewer with another message from Grandpa Max, telling Ben that he will need to recruit a team of Plumber’s kids.

Omnitrix Alien Debuts: Big Chill (official debut)

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