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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 1 – Episode 9 – The Gauntlet

The team faces off against a Techadon robot seemingly intent on destroying them. Using the new alien Goop, Ben is able to make the robot explode. Kevin grabs the severed hand of the robot (possibly planning to put its defense mechanisms in his car). Later, the team goes to Mr. Smoothie’s for a break. Two bullies named Cash and JT, who used to pick on Ben when he was 10, decide to embarrass Ben by spilling smoothie on him. Ben, however, stands up to them, and makes a point to the other people at the smoothy shop pointing out how pathetic JT and Cash really are. Later that night, they see Kevin’s car outside a restaurant, and decide to wreck it for retribution. They push it down a hill, smashing the trunk open. The grab the Techadon gauntlet before the car’s alarm attracts Kevin. Back at their hang out, and abandoned mannequin factory, Cash puts the gauntlet on, planning on using its built-in laser blaster to destroy Ben once and for all and repair their reputation. Over time, the full robot armor begins to reform around Cash’s body. Worried about his friend, JT goes to Ben’s team for help. Kevin wants to go it alone as revenge for his car, but is soon defeated by the now immensely powered Cash. Seeking Ben out, a battle at Mr. Smoothie’s rages between Ben as Chromastone and the almost fully restored Techadon. In the end, Cash is able to force the robot back into the gauntlet and restore control over his own body. Ben is able to overpower Cash as Chromastone, and JT manages to convince Cash to fight the Techadon’s influence, reverting it back into the gauntlet. JT thanks Ben, and takes Cash back home, with Gwen and Ben forgetting about a beat up Kevin still being in the mannequin factory.

Omnitrix Alien Debuts: Goop (official debut)

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