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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 2 – Episode 10 – Vreedle, Vreedle

Rhomboid and Octagon Vreedle are hired to return Ship to his “parent” Baz-L. Ben and Kevin travel to Coda to dispute Baz-L’s claim to Ship (since Baz-L himself had conceded ownership of Ship to Ben and Julie in “Pier Pressure”) while Gwen and Julie, with Ship as a Galvanic Mechomorph suit for her, stay behind to hold off the Vreedle Brothers. Ben convinces Judge Domstol to rule in his favor and they arrive on Earth in time to save Ship and defeat the Vreedle Brothers. Despite his reluctance, Baz-L accepts that Ship belongs to Julie now.

Note: This was originally called “Don’t Fear the Repo”, but it was later changed to “Vreedle, Vreedle”.

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