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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 2 – Episode 3 & 4 – War of the Worlds, Part One and two

Paradox and Azmuth arrive on Earth to warn Ben of the approaching Highbreed fleet. Gwen and Kevin gather all the allies they’ve met (Alan, Cooper, Julie and Ship, as well as their enemy Darkstar) to counter the threat. Meanwhile, Azmuth reveals to Ben that the Omnitrix contains the DNA of every sentient species in the galaxy, over one million in total, and unlocks the Master Control so Ben can effectively combat the Highbreed.
This includes all of his old aliens. With Ben as Cannonbolt, the team converge on the Highbreed hyperspace jump gate in Los Soledad in an effort to prevent its activation, but the attack only provokes the Highbreed in charge to summon the fleet ahead of schedule. To try and stop the fleet coming through, the team with Ben as Upchuck attempts to destroy the hyperspace jump gate but it does not work. Ben then turns into Way Big, and tries to rip down the gateway, it starts to work but as the Highbreed in charge now preemptively activates the gate, it initiates and knocks Ben unconscious.

Omnitrix Alien Debuts: Cannonbolt (Alien Force debut), Upchuck (Alien Force debut), Way Big (Alien Force debut), Wildmutt (Alien Force debut)

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