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Ben 10 – Alien Force – season 2 – Episode 5 & 6 – Vengeance of Vilgax, Part One and two

Vilgax resurfaces with a new army and new and stronger powers. Under the Galactic Code of Conduct, he challenges the greatest champion of each world he visits to single combat, the prize being that champion’s planet. Each time he defeats a champion, he absorbs their powers. With the strength of ten heroes at his disposal (including Ultimo’s), Vilgax heads to Earth and challenges Ben, giving him 24 hours to prepare. In order to gain a sporting chance, Ben attempts to unlock the Omnitrix’s Master Control, despite Azmuth’s warnings. Ben’s attempts to unlock the Omnitrix cause an overload.

Ommnitrix Alien Debuts: Heatblast (Alien Force debut)

The overload releases the base forms for Chromastone, Spidermonkey, Goop, and Way Big. Kevin is also trapped in a mutated metal/rock/wood/crystal form by the energy release. Ben, Gwen and Kevin set out to recapture the four released forms under the orders of Azmuth who tells Ben he won’t help him again. They are able to capture three of the four, but Way Big is too far away to reach in time. Ben leaves to fight Vilgax while Gwen and Kevin retrieve Way Big. The battle goes badly for Ben at first, as Vilgax’s powers and wide array of weapons are able to overcome his alien forms. When Gwen and Kevin return with Way Big, Ben attempts to use the form, only to end up as Chromastone instead. Vilgax destroys Chromastone, but Ben regenerates from the remains into Diamondhead. Using Diamondhead, Ben easily defeats Vilgax. Vilgax is banished from Earth and never allowed to return, but promises to get his revenge somehow.

Ommnitrix Alien Debuts: Diamondhead (Alien Force debut)

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