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Ben 10 – season 2 – Episode 22 – Tough Luck

Gwen dons her Lucky Girl costume again upon finding the mystical Keystone of Bezel at a convention in Las Vegas. Rather than extremely good luck, the Keystone greatly strengthens all of Gwen’s natural abilities to superhuman levels tenfold and granting her superhuman agility, enhanced reflexes, and durability. At the same time, Hex has been busted out of prison by his niece, Charmcaster, and seeks to use the keystone to restore the destroyed charms. Charmcaster tricks Gwen into trusting her so that she could easily take the Keystone and give it to Hex.

However, Charmcaster double-crosses her uncle so that she can take the six Charms’ great power for herself. Wildvine stops the recreation process and Gwen defeats Charmcaster herself. To do so, she instinctively fires a yellow-colored energy blast from Hex’s staff, which implies the first real hint of her own magical powers and her strong natural affinity with all things supernatural.

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