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Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien – season 1 – Episode 1 – Fame

Ben’s secret identity is revealed to the entire world, and he is now a superhero loved everywhere by kids and teenagers, but distrusted by many adults. Kevin and Gwen find out who revealed Ben’s secret and where he lives, and the three go to “pay him a visit”. The informant turns out to be a young boy named Jimmy Jones, who has followed Ben’s exploits ever since he was ten-years old. With Jimmy’s help, Ben and company discover a series of alien attacks in Florida. The unknown alien steals a nuclear device from a prototype interstellar rocket. They follow the alien to his ship, which he intends to launch using the nuke, which would destroy central Florida. Ben fights him as Spider-monkey, but proves to be too strong for him, so Ben turns into Ultimate Spidermonkey, with the Ultimatrix, defeating the alien with ease. Once defeated, the alien, Bivalvan, reveals he is from the Andromeda Galaxy who was kidnapped by an alien named Aggregor. He is left restrained, with assurance that the Plumbers will be along to bring him back home. Ben reluctantly returns to school with some encouragement from Julie. The students greet him with applause, including his old bullies Cash and JT. Meanwhile, Bivalvan is found and recaptured by Aggregor.

Ultimatrix Alien Debuts: Chromastone (Ultimate Alien debut), Ultimate Spidermonkey (official debut)

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