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Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien – season 1 – Episode 18 – The Enemy of My Enemy

Argit travels to Earth to borrow supplies from Kevin for a scam, where he discovers Kevin’s condition and is nearly killed by the insane and vengeful Ultimate Kevin. Ben and Gwen send Argit to the Plumber’s Academy to protect him from Kevin. While there Argit meets up with the Vreedle brothers (this particular set is training to be Plumbers to avoid being assassinated by their father again), where he explains that their father sent him there to rig their grades.

Kevin then goes to the Plumber’s Academy to kill Argit. Ben battles Kevin but cannot defeat him. Rhomboid then launches a nuclear fission bomb, which will destroy the Academy and everyone in it, but Ben uses Ultimate Echo-Echo to destroy the bomb. Kevin attacks Argit and seemingly kills him. When Gwen tries to stop Kevin, he attacks her, but does not kill her because of what she used to mean to him, suggesting there is hope for him still. After Kevin leaves, Ben reveals Argit is simply pretending to be dead (as his species can temporarily stop their pulse) and Argit is arrested by the Vreedle Brothers by the order of Magister Colonach.

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