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Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien – season 1 – Episode 19 & 20 – Absolute Power, Part One and two

After Kevin absorbs the powers and abilities of Alan, Helen, Manny, Pierce, and Dr. Viktor, Ben and Gwen argue about the best way to deal with him. Ben decides to kill him, while Gwen argues that Kevin can still be saved. The argument escalates into a heated battle between the two first-cousins, which Ben wins as Way Big using an incredibly strong and powerful cosmic ray attack. He then starts looking for Kevin, attacking anyone who has ever had any criminal connections with him, including the Forever Knights and Vulkanus. Gwen, looking for an alternative, tracks down Darkstar. She convinces Darkstar to help Kevin, and in return, she gives him enough mana to retain his normal appearance for one year. Together with a newly matured Cooper, Darkstar devises a plan to save Kevin using a fragment of the Dominus Librium. He and Cooper build a machine in Los Soledad, using the left over pieces of both Aggregor’s matter energy converting device, and Professor Paradox’s time machine, to strengthen and amplify the piece’s energy-draining abilities, thus restoring Kevin’s sanity. Darkstar also devises a plan to have Kevin absorb a fraction of Gwen’s magical and Anodite abilities so that he will hunt her for more.
The first part of the plan is a success, but Cooper and Darkstar need more time to finish the machine, so Ben recruits his remaining allies, Grandpa Max, Julie, and Ship, to help hold him off. After a long standoff, Ben is able to use Ultimate Echo Echo to finally subdue Kevin and hook him into the completed machine. The machine restores an exhausted Kevin to normal. Suddenly, Darkstar uses the machine to drain the powers and abilities from Kevin into himself, glowing with almightly god-like power. Predicting this outcome in advance, Ben hits a kill switch on the machine that takes all the stolen powers from Darkstar, and gives them back to their rightful owners, in the process of returning Bivalvan, Galapagus, P’andor, Andreas, and Ra’ad to life. Ra’ad thanks them. Kevin and Gwen kiss. Then Kevin apologizes to Ben for his actions, and offers him a ride to Mr. Smoothie’s to get a smoothie.

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