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Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien – season 1 – Episode 2 – Duped

After trashing a Plasma Beam Tank belonging to the Forever Knights, Ben decides he needs to be in three places at once: 1) go to Julie’s tennis game, 2) He has to fight the Forever Knights with Kevin, and 3) see the Sumo Slammers 3D movie. Using Echo Echo, he divides himself into three copies and transforms back into human form, creating three of himself. However, each is one part of his personality: one is logical, one is sensitive, and one is immature and insensitive. The sensitive Ben goes with Kevin to the museum, the insensitive Ben stays to watch Julie’s match, and the logical Ben goes to see Sumo Slammers. Insensitive Ben proceeds to embarrass Julie while sensitive Ben cannot properly fight. When the Forever Knights steal a Aztec Battle Armor, Ben calls in his other selves for assistance, only to quickly realize that none of them are good fighters alone. He recombines into one and uses Lodestar to separate the armor, destroying it. Ben tries to apologize to Julie, which she almost accepts, until he admits he already went to see the Sumo Slammers movie when she suggests they go see it. Furious with Ben, Julie storms off with Gwen and Kevin right behind her leaving him alone to repent for what he has done in order to gain back their trust.

Ultimatrix Alien Debuts: Upchuck (Ultimate Alien debut), Cannonbolt (Ultimate Alien debut)

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