Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien – season 1 – Episode 3 – Hit ‘Em Where they Live

Ben’s enemies are targeting his parents now that he’s famous. Max, unable to deal with them alone following a fight with Sevenseven, has to enlist Ben’s aid. Vulkanus, Charmcaster, and Zombozo try to attack Ben’s dad, Carl, but Ben, Gwen, and Kevin intercept them. Realizing that, as a team, Ben and his friends are too strong to beat, Zombozo decides to “divide and conquer”. He kidnaps Ben’s mother, Sandra, knocking out Gwen who tried to protect her, and hides her in a carnival to lure the team out and separate them, but Ben and Kevin manage to beat Vulkanus and Charmcaster respectively, with Ben using Ultimate Big Chill. Gwen is left to fight Zombozo, and briefly uses her Anodite form to intimidate him into leaving the Tennyson family alone and to spread the word to every other villain.

Ultimatrix Alien Debuts: Ultimate Big Chill (official debut)

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