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Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien – season 1 – Episode 5 – Escape from Aggregor

A turtle-like alien is causing a rampage in Bellwood. After managing to draw Ben out, who uses Ultimate Big Chill against him, and once Gwen convinces them to use the translators in their badges, he explains that he determined this to be the easiest method of finding Ben. The alien, named Galapagus, tells of how he escaped from Aggregor alongside four other abducted aliens: Bivalvan, P’andor, Andreas and Ra’ad. Aggregor had taken them each from their own home worlds in a plot to permanently absorb all of their unique abilities. Though the aliens escaped from Aggregor’s spaceship, they crash-landed on Earth. After Ben’s Ultimatrix scans Galapagus’ DNA, he arranges for the Plumbers to get Galapagus back to his home planet. Unfortunately for Galapagus, Aggregor was impersonating the Plumber, and recaptures him.

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