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Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien – season 1 – Episode 8 – Fused

After ambushing Ben at his house, Ra’ad (one of the aliens who were captured by Aggregor) after a short fight is thrown into a pool by Jetray. Electrocuted, he awakes in Los Selodad and blames Ben for letting Aggregor recapture the other four aliens. Aggregor has been tracking them through the Ultimatrix as a homing beacon each time it scans one of them. While trying to resist being scanned by the Ultimatrix, Ra’ad causes it to malfunction, and puts himself inside it, trapping both his and Ben’s consciousnesses in the same body and turning off the Ultimatrix when Aggregor comes to capture Ra’ad, and Gwen uses a nonverbal teleportation spell to take them away after a brief fight. Despite Ra’ad’s protests, Gwen and Kevin reactivate the Ultimatrix, and separate them. In doing so, they alert Aggregor to their location. Ra’ad flees, leaving the others to be wiped out by the Osmosian. After Kevin scolds Ra’ad for his cowardice, he decides to surrender himself to save Ben, and is recaptured by Aggregor. After the battle, Ben swears that he will do whatever it takes to save the captured aliens.
Note: Gwen had used a high-level nonverbal teleportation spell.

Ultimatrix Alien Debuts: Ampfibian (official debut)

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