Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl – season 10 – Episode 471 – Gettin’ Twiggy with It!

Ash knocks down Team Rocket’s hot-air balloon, which had captured Pikachu, with Starly. A wild Turtwig saves Pikachu from the balloon which had fallen into a distant lake. However, Turtwig starts getting defensive for Pikachu and won’t let any human near it. Then, Ash grabs Pikachu just as they’re hit with Sleep Powder from and Oddish. Turtwig carries Pikachu away. An elderly woman called Clara, invites them to her house. Later, they find the two Pokémon, but Turtwig attacks Ash, they tell it that Pikachu is his best friend, and Turtwig feels bad. Then, Team Rocket shows up and catches the two, running off with Ash and Piplup close behind. 

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