Dragon Ball GT Movie 1 : A Hero’s Legacy HD

The special starts off with Baby’s defeat at Super Saiyan 4 Goku‘s hands. The scene then advances 100 years into the future. All of the Z Fighters (Goku, Vegeta and their friends and families) have died of natural causes, except Pan, who is old. She has a grandson named Goku Jr., who resembles his great-great grandfather Goku but lacks the latter’s courage and fighting spirit. Pan takes Goku Jr. to the cemetery to pay their respects to her grandfather. She then tries to get him to train, but he has no confidence and skills in anything. At school, he is bullied by Puck, a senior classmate, and his gang, who take his favorite pen. Pan is angry that Goku didn’t fight back and is so carefree. This causes her blood pressure to rise and she faints, and is hospitalized.

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