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Dragon Ball Movie 4 : The Path to Power HD

Goku is a monkey-tailed boy with superhuman strength and skilled in martial arts, living all alone on Mount Paozu. One day, after he catches a fish to eat, a girl in a car named Bulma almost hits him. He mistakes the car for a monster and throws it onto its side, but gets shot by Bulma in return. He thinks she’s some kind of demon, but she ends up convincing him she’s human, even though she doesn’t have a tail. He invites her into his house since his dead grandpa always told him to be nice to girls, and there she goes straight for his only keepsake. When they go in the house, Goku shows Bulma an orange glowing ball (with four red stars) that he thinks is his grandpa Gohan. All of a sudden, Bulma gets delighted and asks if she can have the ball. When Goku protests, she brings out two more “grandpas”, and explains to him the legend of the Dragon Balls and the Eternal Dragon. Bulma revealed that when all seven Dragon Balls (each one with a different number of stars) are united, the Eternal Dragon will rise and grant whoever summon him any one wish. She offers to let him feel her up to get him to come along, but when that doesn’t work, she tells him it’ll help him get stronger. He agrees, and off they go. At the military headquarters of the Red Ribbon Army, a short man called Commander Red is also on the hunt for the Dragon Balls for his sinister purpose to rule the world.

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