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Tom and jerry Comedy Show : Episode 1 – Farewell, Sweet Mouse /Droopy’s Restless Night /New Mouse in the House HD

Farewell, Sweet Mouse- On a rainy night, while being disrupted by Jerry, Tom throws him out. Believing him to be dead, Tom is tricked into thinking Jerry is a ghost.

Droopy’s Restless Night- Slick Wolf is the construction foreman on a building. Droopy and Spike are his workers. Droopy keeps getting Spike in trouble with the boss all day. Droopy falls asleep, and as he sleeps, Spike has him finish the building. Slick comes in the next day and congratulates Droopy, while Spike is behind a brick wall.

New Mouse in the House- Tom uses a remote control female mouse to lure and trap Jerry, but his plans backfire and his owner kicks him out.

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