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Tom and jerry Comedy Show : Episode 13 – Superstocker /Droopy’s Good Luck Charm / The Great Mousini HD

Superstocker – Tom chases Jerry in a supermarket in order to protect the food products. They both end up trashing the place.

Droopy’s Good Luck Charm – Slick Wolf sells Droopy a good-luck charm for $5. Spike tells him that it was really a good-luck charm, and the two try various ways of getting it back, with their attempts backfiring each time. Spike offers to buy it back for $10, and Droopy sells it back to him. Slick and Spike see a sidewalk salesman selling about 30 of them, and Slick chases Spike for wasting their money.

The Great Mousini – Jerry joins a circus as the escape artist Mousini with Tom as his co-star. They lose their jobs after their latest performance.

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