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Tom and jerry Comedy Show : Episode 4 – Invasion of the Mouse Snatchers /The Incredible Droop /The Plaid Baron Strikes Again HD

Invasion of the Mouse Snatchers – Tom tricks Jerry into thinking he’s an alien that’s going to blow up the earth. Jerry gets revenge by activating his secret weapon.

The Incredible Droop – An oriental mad scientist has invented a mystery ray gun. He tells Droopy and Barney Bear to guard it from people. Droopy must protect it from falling into the wrong hands by using a rather unusual method: a Jekyll and Hyde formula. Slick Wolf tries to steal it, but Droopy keeps turning into a large monster, who then beats him up. Droopy frees himself and Barney from Slick’s trap, and chases Slick away.

The Plaid Baron Strikes Again – Tom chases Jerry as he flies in a model airplane, destroying Spike’s big plane model in the process.

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