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SpongeBob SquarePants : Season 1 – Episode 26 – Scaredy Pants HD

SpongeBob is tired of always getting scared on Halloween, and people calling him “Scaredy Pants” so he decides to dress like the Flying Dutchman to get revenge. For his costume, SpongeBob realizes that a real ghost has a round head, and that he has a square one. Patrick shaves SpongeBob’s head, making it round. The real Flying Dutchman appears and explains to the people how offended he is by people dressing up as him for Halloween, and that SpongeBob’s costume is the worst of all. He takes off SpongeBob’s costume, which revealed that his brain is exposed as a result of Patrick’s shaving. Subsequently, everyone runs away, including the Dutchman, leaving SpongeBob satisfied to finally have succeeded in scaring people.

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