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SpongeBob SquarePants : Season 1 – Episode 28 – SB-129 HD

After being asked by SpongeBob and Patrick for jellyfishing, Squidward refuses and wants to be away from them so he hides inside of the Krusty Krab’s freezer, getting trapped in there. Two thousand years later, the freezer finally rusts open and Squidward finds himself in “the future.” Attempting to get back home using a time machine, he accidentally goes too far back. After meeting prehistoric versions of Spongebob and Patrick, he successfully gets the time machine working again, only to break it “mid-flight.” As a result, he experiences “a surreal realm of nothingness”. Suddenly realizing his loneliness, he attempts to escape and lands in the time machine room. He begs it to return to the present, which it does. However, he finds that he’s now famous for inventing “jellyfishing” after having shown it to past SpongeBob and Patrick.

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