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Naruto : Season 1 – Episode 15 – Zero Visibility: The Sharingan Shatters HD

Naruto and Sasuke fail to destroy the ice mirrors with the Shadow Clone and Fire Ball jutsu. Realizing that Haku’s Crystal Ice Mirrors are actually an Ice-Style Kekkei Genkai, a bloodline trait, Kakashi decides to use his Sharingan to end the fight with Zabuza. However, as Haku told him what Kakashi’s methods during their last fight, Zabuza takes advantage, using the Hidden Mist jutsu to counter Kakashi’s Sharingan and force him to ponder his next move. Kakashi learns that Zabuza will attack Tazuna and Sakura and rushes to intercept as Zabuza as lands a strike on Kakashi from behind with Kubikiribōchō.

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