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Naruto : Season 1 – Episode 19 – The Demon in the Snow HD

Gato fired Zabuza, while he is unfazed at his former employer kicking Haku around. Zabuza sees Haku as nothing more than a tool, he is moved by Naruto’s words as he tearfully acknowledges Haku’s sacrifice. Kakashi asks Naruto not to interfere, Zabuza redeems himself and uses a kunai in his mouth, enduring multiple stabs and beatings, breaks through Gato’s men and kills Gato before the villagers arrive to drive the men off. Soon after Sasuke recovers, Kakashi honors Zabuza’s wish to place him by Haku and assures them that they will go to the same place. Soon after Team 7 give the two rouge ninjas a burial with Zabuza’s Kubikiribōchō as a grave marker, Naruto express distain for the notion that ninjas should strive to become merely tools and declares that he will find his own way. As Team 7 leaves the Hidden Mist Village, Tazuna proclaims that the bridge will be called the Great Naruto Bridge to signify the strength that Naruto gave Inari, who in turn gave to the whole town.

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