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Naruto : Season 1 – Episode 23 – Genin Takedown! All Nine Rookies Face Off! HD

On their first Chunin Exam, Kakashi informs Team 7 that all of them were required to consent and wish them luck. The team meet up with their classmates, including Team 8 and 10, and Kabuto Yakushi who explains each of the village represented, while giving Sasuke information on Gaara and Rock Lee. Kabuto intimidates the other Rookie Nine members, asking that there are only elite genin among the individuals taking the exams, Naruto proclaims that he will defeat anyone for targeting by association. Team Dosu from the Hidden Sound Village attacks Kabuto, before he dodged the attack and becomes nauseated without his glasses. Ibiki Morino and his team appears and stops the fight.

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