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Naruto : Season 1 – Episode 4 – Pass or Fail: Survival Test HD

As their classmates meet up with their Jonin instructors who always side with genin, Team 7 meets up with Kakashi Hatake. Later, they had introductions, with Naruto stating his dream to become Hokage and Sasuke planning to restore his family by killing someone. The next day, Kakashi begins the test for Team 7 about either taking two bells or eating lunch. Kakashi also explains the rules of the test that each students must take each bells from him to pass the test, before one will return to the academy. While Sasuke and Sakura hide themselves away as the test begins, Naruto badly faces and uses his Shadow Clone jutsu, that Kakashi counters against. Sasuke fails to take advantage against Kakashi with shuriken and kunai knives.

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