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Marvel Anime : X-Men : Episode 7 – “Betrayal – Shock” HD

As the X-Men talk to Yui, Emma suspects she may be lying about her relation to Xavier. The X-Men also meet Yui’s research assistants Riko Nirasaki, Kōichi Kaga, and Jun Sanada. Yui later contacts Xavier, revealing he has a son named Takeo that had died. As Wolverine, Storm and Beast investigate the phenomenon which ensnared their Blackbird, they are confronted by Inner Circle agents Rat and Marsh. After a brief battle, they escape upon setting off an avalanche. As Hisako goes to find Yui concerning some irritation on her right hand, Emma asks to dive into Cyclops’ mind in order to quell his hesitation. Meanwhile, Yui is mysteriously attacked.

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