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Wolverine and the X-Men : Season 1 : Episode 16 – “Badlands” HD

n the twenty-year future, Professor Xavier and his new X-Men fight the Sentinels and come across Polaris, who lives alone and traumatized in a destroyed Genosha. Charles learns how Genosha was destroyed and how Polaris was the only survivor. In the present, Wolverine, Forge and Shadowcat infiltrate an MRD base to investigate the Master Mold, only for the former two to get caught which led to the Wolverine-type Sentinels that the future X-Men just evaded.

Introducing characters: None

Trivia: Wolverine is wearing a different color of his X-Men uniform that looks a lot like his X-Force uniform. While all the other mutants in the future wear the clothes they were given while trapped by the Sentinels, Bishop can be seen wearing an X-Men uniform under his coat.

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