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Wolverine and the X-Men : Season 1 : Episode 5 – “Thieves’ Gambit” HD

Magma is being chased by the M.R.D. In the middle of a road she turns to a burning lava-like being and the cars suddenly stop around her. Wolverine rescues Magma from the M.R.D. and uses an ability-inhibitor collar built by Forge to help control her mutant abilities. When Wolverine asks for the collar back, she is reluctant to take it off but finally does so. Meanwhile, Dr. Sybil Zane hires Gambit to steal that collar from the X-Men for Senator Kelly and it is up to Wolverine to get it back. Gambit attacks Wolverine in his laboratory with kinetically charged cards, he admits to Wolverine that he has been hired for cash, but Wolverine sets his money on fire and offers him double the amount, if he helps discovering whom he is working for. In the end Wolverine manages to get back the collar.

Introducing characters: Gambit, Bolivar Trask, and Magma

Guest stars: Phil LaMarr and Kari Wahlgren

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