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Ed, Edd n Eddy : Season 1: Episode 1 – “The Ed-touchables” HD

The cul-de-sac children are irritated because of a mysterious “serial toucher” stealing their belongings, namely Double D’s magnifying glass and Sarah’s doll. The Eds devise a plan to catch the toucher for money. The trio capture Jonny and Plank, and by using chinese water torture on the latter, make Jonny falsely admit being the toucher. The Eds punish Johnny and Plank by trapping them in a tire. While the Eds are on their way to the candy store, Sarah informs them that she found her dolly, as did Double D find his magnifying glass, meaning that there was no toucher after all. Despite this, the Eds buy themselves jawbreakers. Sarah and Jimmy are then shown rolling the tire in which Jonny and Plank are trapped in. Sarah tells Jonny that they know it was not him before pushing the tire down the road with him in Plank still inside. The Eds are then shown enjoying their jawbreakers in front of the candy store, but the tire suddenly rolls in to the Eds, causing the jawbreakers to fly out of their mouths and roll down to streets. As the episode concludes, the Eds chase their jawbreakers at sunset.

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