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Tom and Jerry Comedy Show (1980)


A new colorful take on the classic characters but still with all the madcap slapstick and mayhem.
Episode 1 – Farewell, Sweet Mouse /Droopy’s Restless Night /New Mouse in the House
Episode 2 – Heavy Booking /Matterhorn Droopy /The Puppy Sitter
Episode 3 – Most Wanted Cat /Pest in the West /Cat in the Fiddle
Episode 4 – Invasion of the Mouse Snatchers /The Incredible Droop /The Plaid Baron Strikes Again
Episode 5 – Incredible Shrinking Cat /Scared Bear /When the Rooster Crows
Episode 6 – School for Cats /Disco Droopy /Pied Piper Puss
Episode 7 – Under the Big Top /Lumber Jerks /Gopher It, Tom
Episode 8 – Snowbrawl /Getting the Foot /Kitty Hawk Kitt
Episode 9 – Get Along, Little Jerry / Get Along, Little Jerry / Spike’s Birthday
Episode 10 – No Museum Peace / A Day at the Bakery / Mouse Over Miami
Episode 11 – The Trojan Dog / Foreign Legion Droopy / Pie in the Sky
Episode 12 – Save That Mouse / Old Mother Hubbard / Say What?
Episode 13 – Superstocker /Droopy’s Good Luck Charm / The Great Mousini
Episode 14 – Jerry’s Country Cousin / The Great Diamond Heist / Mechanical Failure
Episode 15a – A Connecticut Mouse in King Arthur’s Cork
Episode 15b&c – The Great Train Rubbery / Stage Struck


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